Dear Employer/ Officer:


The Universidad Autónoma of Ciudad Juárez, through the General Directorate of Planning and Institutional Development, in the Program for Studies for Employers and Social Perception (PEEPS), conducts the Employers 2021 survey, in order to collect useful information, reliable and relevant in terms of satisfaction and competitiveness of educational programs.

The main objective is to know the performance of the graduates and detect the needs of the employers, in order to provide feedback on university work. Likewise, it will allow us to get closer to society, specifically in the workplace.


Therefore, we request your kind collaboration in filling out this survey, the information of which will be confidential.


The survey is divided into five sections: data on the employer and the labor organization, occupational factor of the professional in general, evaluation of the UACJ graduates and linkage.


Your opinion is very important as it will strengthen and improve the quality of educational programs. Instructions: Read each of the questions carefully and write or select the answer that you consider pertinent. Note: The survey must be answered in its entirety in order to be saved, otherwise the answers will be lost.

The Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez, in terms of the Personal Data Protection Law of the State of Chihuahua, is subject to compliance with the provisions that are applicable in said matter, in such virtue, actions aimed at guarantee the proper trea tment of personal data in its custody; In this sense, you are respectfully encouraged to ensure that the data that is transmitted through this channel is used exclusively for the purpose that was collected by this Institution in terms of its privacy notice, additionally grants the standing of Confidential Information and remains protected in accordance with the regulations on the matter that is applicable to them in their capacity as recipient; this in order to avoid its alteration, loss, treatment, modification, affectation or unauthorized access, supported by the legal precepts contained in numerals 11° section VIII, IX, 73º and 97º of the normative body of reference.


You can consult the institutional privacy notice in the following web address: https://www.uacj.mx/transparencia/documentos/Aviso-Privacidad_13-04-2021.pdf




General Directorate of Planning and Institutional Development

There are 64 questions in this survey.